When on a job search, most people will seek to ensure that they come across as the ‘perfect applicant’ by tweaking their CVs, taking a few short courses, and brushing up on their interpersonal skills. The question is – what exactly are recruiters and prospective employers looking for; and how can you best demonstrate these traits and abilities during an interview? We advise below.




Every company goes through its highs and lows, ups and downs, successes and failures – and recruiters seek to hire new employees who they believe will have the necessary resilience in order to work through these good and bad moments alongside the company, rather than simply abandoning ship when things start to go down-hill.

How do I demonstrate this? During your interview, be optimistic about the future, and do not complain about the past. Even if you faced challenges at a previous place of employment, talk about how these challenges helped you to grow and develop new skills, rather than how they made life difficult for you.


Recruiters want to hear about your career goals and objectives, because they want to ascertain whether or not these goals and objectives are in line with those of the company.
How do I demonstrate this? During your interview, do your best to speak about your career aspirations from the perspective of how you wish to grow and succeed within the particular company at which you are interviewing – and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Credibility / Integrity:

Obviously, employers are looking for honest, reliable employees with outstanding qualifications and skills.
How do I demonstrate this? Ensure that everything that you have mentioned in your CV is honest and legit. Do not embellish any skills or choose to alter or omit any important details. The chances are high that your potential employer will verify certain aspects of your CV which, if untrue, could ultimately cost you the job. Also be sure to answer all questions openly and honestly during the interview.

Passion / Enthusiasm:

Loving what you do, and doing what you love is a great gift – and it makes a massive difference to your productivity and general work ethic. It is because of this that most recruiters will be seeking someone with a passion not only for the work that they do, but for the industry in general.

How do I demonstrate this? Don’t fake it – recruiters will be able to pick up on this immediately. Ultimately, passion and enthusiasm are two things that will shine through on their own. And if you are NOT passionate about what you do, it might be time to consider a career change.