Diversified Personnel

So Diversified Personnel helped you get the job and you’re excited to start – but things are often difficult or confusing in the first week or so. We offer you some tips to settling into your new work environment.


  • Do your research

Although researching the company is a key factor when preparing an interview, it is also a good way to ready yourself for the job itself. Find out what the aim, mission and values of the company are, how and where they started and who the key players are. This info will help you do the best possible job.

  • Ask questions and then ask again

If you’re unclear on anything, ask, and then repeat back what you think you know to be sure that you understand it. Don’t hold back for fear of looking stupid, you will look far worse if you make a mistake months down the line because you didn’t find out upfront what was expected of you.

  • Have a good chat to your manager and colleagues

Schedule a meeting with your manager and take the time to have a sit down chat with your co-workers. This is a good opportunity to get a feel for how your new work environment functions.

  • Be clear on what is expected of you

Make sure you understand your job description.

  • Take notes

When you’re in meetings, write everything down. This way you are far less likely to forget something.

  • Remember names

Make an effort to remember the names of managers, colleagues and clients. Write them down if you have to! It makes you look good and it makes you seem more likable.

  • Organise your workspace

Get your physical and digital workspace in order. Often the first few days are slow on the work front as you find your feet, so use this time to get organised.

  • Ask for feedback

After a few days, or after your first task, speak to someone in the know about how you handled it. Take constructive criticism on board.

Remember that everyone was new at one point, and most people will be more than happy to help you with anything should you ask. Be friendly, do your job efficiently and don’t be disheartened should you make a mistake early on.