Specialists in the placement of multi niched professionals, across all levels, in a variety of geographical locations throughout Southern Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. 

We are a team of young professionals, boasting 27 years of corporate experience, who strongly believe, not only in the importance of delivering the best skill set to fulfill our clients’ needs, but also in partnering with our clients to understand their culture.

Diversified Personnel understands that although the skill can do the job, that “culture fit” is critical to the sustainability of both career development and retention, as well as organizational growth and profitability. In order to create this sustainability, we partner closely with our clients to understand this culture and then source, screen, validate and interview all our candidates to ensure the best fit for both.

We are an agency that values commitment, consistency, transparency, honesty, respect and trust which form the basis of the relationships we have and continue to build with both our clients and candidates.

Who We Are ?

We are an agency with a vision to enrich the experience for both clients and candidates through successful delivery of top talent to growing organizations. Our success in the delivery of this talent lies in our ability to connect and engage with top talent and to match our candidates career objectives to the needs of our clients.

We support newly placed candidates and enhance their ability to perform in their new positions by offering pre and post placement support programmes which not only enhances candidate experience but also allows clients to understand the onboarding and settling in period of their new employee.

Areas we specialize in:

Engineering     Finance     Human Resource     IT      Sales and Marketing     Supply Chain

Services we offer:

Permanent Staff Recruitment     Contract Staff Recruitment
Employment Vetting Services     Executive Head Hunting